Sold! Sherman Race Cars Quarter Midget For Sale

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We are selling our late 2015 Small Sherman Race Cars Quater Midget. We raced a total of 8 races last year in Jr. Novice so the car was not raced hard at all. It’s been a great car, but we are taking some time off from racing. This car ran well and qualified several times 3/10ths off of the track record. We had some good races and some tough races, but the car always ran great. I had originally bought a new car because I planned on all three of my kids racing it.

This quarter midget has all of the upgrades such as:

  • Black Power Coat Finish (Chassis & Panels)
  • Splined Rear Axle (Gun Drilled)
  • CSI Shocks & Springs (Shock Pressure Guage Included)
  • Wheels & Tires Included (Hoosier Inner, Dunlop Spec Outer)
  • Mycron 5 with Infrared Receiver

Comes with an extra set of radius rods and an extra steering column.

Pedal system is upgraded. I put a throttle and brake cluster out of a kid-kart go-kart which does a much better job of holding the feet in place allowing for better control of the throttle and brake pedal than the standard quarter midget pedal placement. Feels more like a race car that way.

Available as a roller or with a GX120 that we raced with last year. The motor that is on the car and was the fastest of the four motors I have was from NR-Racing. I made sure that the motor was to spec for QMA rules when I had it built.

Novice switch is still installed. The weight we added is still mounted. My son weighs about 55 lbs so we had to add some weight.

Over $8000 invested in this car. It still looks new.

Roller: $5800
Complete: $6200

Buy the complete car with motor and get a box of gears and chain for free. I have about $400 in gears and chain. You will be set up for any track.

Liam Hill - Quarter Midget Racer Age 6 Sherman Racecars Quarter Midget Unboxing Sherman Racecars Quarter Midget Unboxing

We Are Leaving Quarter Midget Racing

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One of the things Racing for an entire season has taught me is that it requires a lot of time. Racing is a lot of fun and is a very enjoyable sport to be a part of but it requires a lot of time on everybody’s behalf. It’s not just about making sure that your kid gets to practice on time and has the appropriate attire, you have to have a race car prepared for your driver. You have to have everything set up and ready to go. My kids are not old enough to prepare their cars themselves so they require my assistance.

Last year was a real struggle. Any lapse in time on the track resulted in setbacks not only with Liam but with me as well. The setup of a car changes quite a bit throughout the year as temperatures change and track conditions change as well. A new driver also changes a lot in their driving style and their ability to handle the car. What a new driver needs is a lot of track time and that track time needs to be with other cars to practice with. That was something we were not able to get much of last year due to my schedule.

Heading into this year I really thought that I was going to have more available time. I decided not to book any work that would take me away on the weekends so that I can focus on racing. We started off the year by trying to be prepared for a race and ended up being unable to make it to the track much at all over the off-season and Liam’s confidence while in the car suffered greatly. It wasn’t just Liam’s lack of seat time that caused this issue it was mostly my inability to get the car set up properly for cold weather racing. It takes a huge commitment both from the driver and the parent to make a competitive race team. I just don’t have that time.

I grew up racing go-karts and we spent a lot of time at the track. We were often pretty competitive. As a kid, you don’t really notice how much time and effort goes into everything because time is different when you’re a kid than it is when your an adult and have other responsibilities. Racing was also really the only thing that my dad was interested in and the result was spending a lot more time at the track. I didn’t mind at the time. Now that I have my own family, we spend a lot of time doing other things such as camping and going on trips throughout the year. We also like to just be home from time to time. I like to be well-rounded and not all in on one single thing. I’ve noticed that the majority of the families that are competitive out of the track are all in on racing. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I actually admire their dedication, I just can’t see dedicating that much time to racing for only one of my children at this time.

Quarter Midget Racing is not something that you can do just by showing up on race day. There’s a lot of prep involved. The cars run on the edge all the time. The track is small which means it doesn’t take long to fall behind in a race.

We have other things that we can race and drive just for fun. I think that is where we need to be right now. I need to wait until my other kids are of age to be able to race and have spent some time behind the steering wheel practicing. When the entire family can do it, it will make it much easier.

We are also just over an hour away from the track which makes it hard to make it out for practice. The majority of the families that race don’t live anywhere near us so it makes it hard to connect with people and learn from their experience. There are definitely people at the track that have helped us in several ways and I am very thankful for them.

Racing the way we did last year was very stressful. Nothing went according to plan most of the time. After each race, I promised myself to set more time aside for working on the car, but I never had that time. Work and life kept me too busy.

I hate to throw in the towel right now because I was super excited going into this year for racing. I know my son was too. But when the only time we get to spend at the track is on race day, that’s not preparing my son for success. That is also not a way to teach your child to be prepared for things.

This doesn’t mean that we might not end up racing quarter midgets again one day, it just means that for at least the next couple of years it just can’t happen. It’s really a bummer because in 2018 the Nationals will be hosted at the track we race at and that would be really cool to be a part of.

In the next couple of days, I will be taking pictures of all of our stuff and posting it for sale online. If you’re reading this, know what we have, and are interested, give me a call.

We will be spending our available free time racing karts at tracks that are a bit more local and more accessible to us. Perhaps we might even end up racing from time to time. Setting up a kart is so much easier than setting up a Quarter Midget.

We are going to miss Quarter Midget Racing and some of the connections that we made with people out there. It was a lot of fun racing last year and we’re going to miss some of the people from the track this year as the race season is about to begin.

Just to give you an idea of what I will be selling:

Late 2015 Sherman Racecars Small Complete Car with GX120 (I have 4 different motors to choose from)
4 x GX120 Blueprinted Motor

  • Scott Racing Engines GX120 – 2 Races Jr. Novice with Dyno Sheet
  • A-Main Racing Engine GX120 Level 4 Blueprint – 2 Races Jr. Novice
  • NR-Racing Level 2 Blueprinted GX120 Motor – 4 Races Jr. Novice
  • Older GX120 Engine, needs a rebuild, but runs well.

Extra Sherman Race Car Parts
Extra brand new tires still wrapped (Dunlop QMA, Hoosier)
Longacre Scales (Wireless with Tablet)
Gears, Chain, Other accessories

I will post a complete list with prices soon.

Rough But Necessary Shakedown

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One of my goals for this year is to start blogging about our races again. I started out last year doing this but did not keep up with it. We learned a lot last year, and I wish I had documented it better. It was a tough year and we had to miss a couple of races due to my work schedule, but we had a good time and we all grew a lot.

Tonight we participated in the first race of a four race winter series at our club Tri-Valley Quarter Midget Association. A couple of people in the club decided to organize this race because it would be a good opportunity to get some racing in before the actual season starts.

The race had a pretty small turnout but it was a rescheduled race from last weekend that got rained out. Those that organized it kept it running pretty smooth. I’m very thankful that there are people in our club that put in the work to make these races possible, both regular schedule races and this mini series.

This winter mini-series consists of four races on Friday evenings over the next six weeks. Tonight’s race was rescheduled from last Friday due to rain.

I had a lot going on this week for work and didn’t really have any time to prep the car before getting to the track. Last week, I managed to spend a little bit of time on the car’s setup. My dad and I got it on the scales and tried to get it set up for Junior Honda. What we didn’t really anticipate was how cold the track would be. We didn’t really have any cold weather races last year and we weren’t going fast enough for it to really matter in the novice class. The cold track threw Liam and our setup off.

During the offseason we really only had about three opportunities to get to the track. Liam didn’t really spend a whole lot of time driving over the last 3 months and getting back into the swing of things was a little challenging, especially with a cold track.

We got to the track a little early so that we could get a few laps in under practice before the race started. I realized that we were not going to be able to move them up to Junior Honda quite yet. We just don’t have the car set-up quite like it needs to be so that he can drive fast enough and hold his line. He doesn’t feel confident enough in the car right now. Because of that, I decided that he should run Junior Novice tonight.

There was only one other kid and his class and that kid only has two races under his belt. Liam was quite a bit faster but still not driving as hard as he should considering he had a red restrictor plate in and his car was not really that fast tonight. He finished the heat race in first place.

Liam also doesn’t have much experience driving at night. This race started just before 7 p.m., so the sun was long gone. The main started around 8 pm. Liam is usually asleep in bed by then.

Since there were so few people at the track, I was asked to flag a couple of the Races. There were only four classes so I flagged two of the races and another dad flagged to the other two. I’m not even going to get into how the day started after we arrived at the track (solo parenting nightmare), but let’s just say it totally threw me off and I did not check everything that I needed to check on Liam’s car.

I was very thankful to have my father-in-law there helping us. He arrived shortly after our disastrous arrival to the track and helped out a lot tonight. After I was done flagging the two races I was in charge of he had Liam’s car up to the grid for me. I didn’t think to check anything, like whether or not he had enough fuel to finish the 30-lap main.

Now there may be a leak, which I will check for before the next race. I put fuel in his car after working on the setup, so I thought there was plenty. Even assuming that, I always checked the fuel level last year and never went out on to the track without checking fuel first.

It was just one of those days. You can prepare as much as you had time for or not at all and something would still manage to go wrong. It’s a solid reminder that racing is not like most other sports where you just show up and participate. All sports take practice, but racing takes a lot of prep, and I just haven’t had the time to stay on top of it all. Let’s just say that I’m glad this is a preseason race.

The next race in this mini-series isn’t for a couple of weeks, so I hope to be able to work on the car a bit and even get out to the track for a practice session before then. I’m not sure whether or not we will move Liam up to Junior Honda or whether he will race the rest of this mini-series and novice. We will see how things go.

One task I will achieve this week is to create a checklist that I will go through at every race and a checklist for in-between heat and main races. With a check list I won’t forget something so simple as checking the fuel level, even if I get busy wish other things, like flagging races. Things are never going to go as smoothly as I would like them to.

Thankfully Rick, who flags a lot of our club races, was there and stepped in to flag the main. That relieve me and allowed us to get loaded up and on the road to head home. I appreciate that guy.

I feel bad that Liam lost the main because of a mistake I made, but that is how racing goes. I had to explain to him what happened and why it happened. Racing is more than just about my kid’s driving, it’s also about prep and procedure. Prep and procedure is my job and that job didn’t get done well tonight. I always fail forward though, so don’t expect to see an error like this again.

The feeling of being defeated is wearing off. We will be better prepared for next race.


Race #4 Recap 2016

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Liam Hill - TVQMA Race #4 - 3rd Place

Our first racing season is just about half-way over and I realize how behind I am in posting about how things have been going. Time flys. After posting this Quarter Midget Race Recap, I will go back and post about the previous races.

Liam Hill - Quarter Midget Racer Age 6

Race #4 at Tri-Valley Quarter Midget Association was a warm day. This race was a rescheduled race from May that was rained out. The race was more postponed due to the likelihood of rain. These Quarter Midget folks don’t like the idea of moisture on the track. When we raced karts on speedway tracks we would just throw on some rain tires. You had to be prepared for anything in karting. In Quarter Midget Racing, they plan an additional date for every race in case it needs to be postponed. This is smart as far as scheduling goes but is kind of frustrating when you had plans to be at the track that weekend and find yourself ready to race with nowhere to go.

My brother and Dad were busy this weekend, so it was just Liam and me at the track. It’s a bit of a challenge at the track being there by yourself, but it is doable. There are plenty of people around to help get the car on and off of the pit cart. When it comes to lending a helping hand, Quarter Midget families are some of the best. My wife and two other children joined us around noon so they could watch Liam’s heat and main event race.

Practice went pretty well. Liam turned some solid lap times considering there were other cars on the track with him. He was averaging 9.05 second lap times which is only 5 tenths off the track record. This was still a few tenths off of his fastest recorded lap times so we went back to the pits to make a gearing change before he went out to qualify for the heat race.

I wanted to try to get a few hundred more RPM out of the motor to see if pulling harder out of the corner helped. The gearing change did not favor better lap times. Liam ended up setting his fastest lap in qualifying as a 9.14, not what I was expecting. His driving was there, my gear change was not.

For the heat race, we went in the opposite direction with gearing to see if the motor wanted lower RPM range. Liam started outside pole. I also wanted to heat the motor up a bit as it is very hard to get restricted motors to run warm enough to perform well. There were a couple of crashes that brought out the caution flag so that didn’t help keep the motor warm either. In the Jr. Novice class there are good days and rough days. The first heat had a lot of bumping. Liam is still getting used to the idea of getting bumped around out there on the track. Liam is a smooth driver but is still working on his confidence around close proximity with other cars.

In between races, he helped me flag. Part of Quarter Midget Racing is doing your part to help the day go smooth. Since I have some flagging experience from my days in kart racing, I flag a couple of heat races and main event races. Liam was there to help me during some of the smaller classes.


In the main, Liam started in the 5th position. We knew that it would take some work to get around some of the other cars. Two cars in his class are pretty fast but are newer drivers just as Liam is. A few laps into the main there was a crash and the car that caused it was put in the back. That car was pretty fast and was able to climb back up in the pack. With about 8 laps to go that car dove into Liam’s line in between corner one and two forcing both of them up into the wall.

Liam's crash from the main event that he ended up finishing 3rd in.

A video posted by Hill Racing Team (@hillracingteam) on

Though he hit the wall pretty good, he was unharmed and got back in the race. If the car had hit the wall any harder to the right-hand side, we probably would have been out of the race due to a bent front axle. I still have to check to make sure that it didn’t bend at all.

With the Hill Racing Team family cheering him on the race restarted and Liam was able to maintain the third position. There were a few cars that were a lap down that he hesitated to try and pass as he was still a little shaken up from his crash.

Earlier this year when Liam raced the Novice Practice Race, he finished first, but this was his first official podium placement. He was proud to finish third and hold his trophy on the podium. Standing next to him was Asher who finished first. Huge shout out to that little guy for his first Quarter Midget Race win!

We have a break before Race #5 which will be in early August. July is the month all of the national races take place so most clubs take the month off so the members who race the nationals don’t miss club races. Maybe we will make the trek to the Nationals next year.

Until then, we have some work to do. I need to check the front end alignment of Liam’s car to make sure nothing was bent in the crash. I also want to do more testing with the motor. I don’t feel we have found the sweet spot with that motor yet. Liam has also been on my case to get a wrap put on his car. I am working on a new company that I want to debut with a new design for his car. Hopefully, I will have some time to get that done during this break between races. I will make sure to post some updates. You can see more on our Instagram, make sure to check that out.

Throwback To The 90’s

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Jerad Hill Kart Racing 1998 Altamont Speedway

Most of my childhood was filled with kart racing. I was about 5 years old when I drove my first gas powered go-kart. My younger brothers and I used to dominate a small track located behind Woodward Reservoir outside of Oakdale, CA. It was not long before we were racing dirt speedway. From age 8 until I was 18 I would race various forms of speedway. In the late 90’s I was lucky enough to race Altamont Speedway in Tracy, CA.

I was going through some old paperwork and came across some photos from that era of my life. Little did I know at that time that I would one day be introducing my own kids to racing. Looking back on my years of racing, I have a few photos that I have been able to track down. Photography was not digital at that time so if I don’t have a print of it, all I have is my memory, and that is fleeting these days.

Here are a few photos from my days of racing. Hopefully, I will be able to unearth more photos from my days of racing. I never went much further than go-kart racing, but I did it for a lot of years and it was a lot of fun.

Jerad Hill Go-Kart Racing Altamont Speedway

This was one of the last karts I raced. It was an offset chassis by Twister. My karts were almost always available for sale. My Dad liked to sell our karts, especially after we won a few races. This was frustrating to me because I usually ended up racing against whoever bought the kart.

Jerad Hill Kart Racing Altamont Speedway 1998

In 1998, I drove in the Kaged Kart Class a couple of times. This type of kart was essentially a go-kart with a roll cage. There was no suspension, but the motors were big.

Jerad Hill Kart Racing

Apparently, I was trying to look cool here. This may have been one of the races I had to sit out after having surgery to have my appendix removed.

Jerad Hill Kart Racing Altamont Speedway 1998

Getting suited up before the race.


Leading the pack in the Kaged Kart. This class was a lot of fun to race. The engine, called “The Star,” started out as a 10HP Tecumseh, but was modified and ran on alcohol. They didn’t have a ton of power at the low end but once they got going, they flew.

Hopefully, I will be able to find more photos from those days. Great memories.

Backup Motors

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Honda GX120 Quarter Midget Motors QMA

I try to keep my eye out for reasonably priced parts and came across a set of motors on Craigslist. I’m excited to dive into these motors to see how good they are. One of them needs to be refreshed while I am told the other one is a pretty well performing motor.

Honda GX120 Quarter Midget Motors

Adding Weight

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We spent the better half of today adding weight to the quarter midget. We needed to add about 50 pounds and yet the car scaling properly. Having to add that much weight we decided we should build a few brackets to help support the weight so that we wouldn’t have to mount it all to the floor pan.





Initial Scaling

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So I just got the scales and even though I don’t have weight to add, I wanted to give it a try and see where the car is at. Once I get weight, we can mount the weight, rescale, and set up the car.

These Lablet Computerscales from Longacre are pretty fantastic.



It Runs!

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It runs, and it looks good doing it! On December 27th, we took his car out and he spent some time on the track. Liam was able to drive his Quarter Midget for the first time. We still have some chassis setup to work out and we don’t have a red restrictor plate in yet, but it sure was nice to see him rip around the track.

Quarter Midget Training #3

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Liam Hill

Sunday Liam had his last Quarter Midget Training session. This means that he is ready to drive his own car on the track. There will be many more hours of practice ahead as well as some group training sessions, but we are excited to get him on the track in his own car.

Here are some photos from training at TVQMA.